I live in Egypt and Amazon says your book is not available in my location. What do I do?

For some unfathomable reason, most Kindle books are not available in Egypt or Africa more generally. Here’s what you need to do once you are signed into your Amazon account:

  1. Go to the drop down menu under Your Account.
  2. Click on Manage Your Kindle
  3. On the left side bar, you will find ‘Country Settings’ under Your Kindle Account. Click on it.
  4. Under ‘Action’, click ‘Change’
  5. Type in an address in the US. Any address and phone number will do. You can Google search any store in the US and just change the building number. Amazon does not verify this (and I believe they possibly actively support it as it allows them to sell more books).

And that’s it! You can now buy any Kindle book you want from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle reader, the book will download to the Kindle Could Reader, which you can access from any device with a browser.

Feel free to get in touch through the Contact form on this website if these instructions did not work for you.

Why did you write this story?

Firstly, because it was a lot of fun. Few things are more rewarding than pursuing the muse that lingers on after having a eureka moment (in this case, for a plot).

Secondly, I wanted to write a story that attempted to provide one possible answer to this question: what might happen to a society when emerging technologies, mindless consumerism, and unyielding religious dogmatism join together in a cultural marriage within the context of Islam?

In this sense, you could say I wanted to write a cautionary tale about the future. Ultimately, I wanted to write a story about characters whose lives are governed by a regime that uses verses from the Quran to maintain a totalitarian control of society.

Why did you publish this book using a pseudonym?

Due to the issues this story deals with, many will consider its contents to be quite blasphemous, if not altogether inflammatory. I have no interest in having a Salman Rushdie-style fatwa on my head.

This book will offend a lot of people. Why do that?

The goal of this story is not to offend people. The fact that offense may be a side effect for some is not a reason to self-censor. Offense is not given, it’s taken. You take offense at something. In that sense, the burden of feeling offended is self-inflicted. For those who feel offended by this story, I would ask them why on earth they would do that to themselves. If it’s because of a ferocious desire to protect their religion’s or their god’s “honour”, then they should re-evaluate just how supreme they believe these forces are if they require mortals to stand up for them.

Why did you write this book in English, not Arabic?

I am more comfortable writing in English than in Arabic, as the former is the language I’ve used throughout my education and career.